Stylefit for schools

Stylefit™ makes learning to write fun and rewarding.

With the Stylefit™ interactive writing tool students become motivated and engaged learners. Students gain space and freedom to guide their own self-directed learning, improvement and proficiency of writing. They develop new skills, actively discover solutions and gain knowledge to improve their writing both independently and collaboratively.

The Stylefit™ writing tool allows students to become more independent and confident – in class, at home and beyond the walls. Stylefit is accessed on any device, anywhere, any time.

Writing improvement

Learning with Stylefit™ sparks engagement and writing achievement.

Stylefit™ encourages writers to experiment with words, to find their own writing style and voice. A new understanding of the structure of writing and the craft of storytelling enables writers to sharpen their skills. Students receive instant, individualised, personal feedback on their writing. The analysis guides their writing style, enabling compelling tone and expression to have relevance and meaning to effectively connect with their audience.

Stylefit™ helps students choose their route. Writing is fun, joyful, intuitive and celebrated. Teachers and parents become facilitators and enablers to encourage student discovery and active learning. Optimising lifelong learning, Stylefit™ places the power and potential of writing in the heart and mind of each student.

The best learning activities are easy to grasp but challenging to complete. They capture learners’ attention and keep them engaged. Stylefit™ successfully combines both of these important qualities. Students get it straight away and want to keep trying until they succeed. The instant and accessible feedback and feed forward direction shows them how to create the style of writing they are aiming for.

Gowan Ditchburn

Vice Principal, Waiuku College


“It is great because teachers can set work for the class and then concentrate on those students who need help."

- Tom Vanderlaan, College Principal

"Stylefit™ is a powerful pedagogical tool for improving students’ writing."

- Gowan Ditchburn, College Vice Principal

“It’s good if you want to attract certain readers.”

- Bonnye Darwen, Year 9 Student

“You can edit as much as you like until you are ready to show your teachers.”

- Karina Jansen Van Rensburg, Year 9 student

“It’s good because it makes you think for yourself. It’s not doing the thinking for you.”

- Alex Lucas, Year 9 student

“This helps me to understand writing a lot better.”

- Sharn Lee-De Lacey, Year 9 student

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