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Stylefit™ is an interactive writing tool which enables writers to analyse and enhance their writing.


Inspires discovery and improvement - understanding the impact of words and how they change the tone and style of our messages.


Provides confidential individualised feedback while allowing teacher guidance and support. Enabling self-directed content creation, analysis, editing, publishing and maintenance.


“It is great because teachers can set work for the class and then concentrate on those students who need help."

- Tom Vanderlaan, College Principal

"Stylefit™ is a powerful pedagogical tool for improving students’ writing."

- Gowan Ditchburn, College Vice Principal

“It’s good if you want to attract certain readers.”

- Bonnye Darwen, Year 9 Student

“You can edit as much as you like until you are ready to show your teachers.”

- Karina Jansen Van Rensburg, Year 9 student

“It’s good because it makes you think for yourself. It’s not doing the thinking for you.”

- Alex Lucas, Year 9 student

“This helps me to understand writing a lot better.”

- Sharn Lee-De Lacey, Year 9 student

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